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Foolproof Checklist for Your First Trade Show Planning


Undoubtedly, the success at the exhibitions and trade shows is highly dependent on the level of your preparation. However, first-timers may feel intimidated as they don’t know the right process/steps to plan the event properly.
Well, if you are planning for your first-ever exhibition stall design in Vietnam, India, Dubai, or any other country, this checklist will prepare you to shine!

Trade Show Exhibition Checklist

Set your budget


The budget for your trade show will exclusively depend on your goals. Planning to launch a new product? Want to capture leads? Or market your business for sales advantage? The size of the event also affects your budget. Remember, securing booth space can be an expensive affair, especially if you wish to set up the booth in a central/high-traffic point.

Storage space


Your bags and belongings should be hidden. Just imagine if they are hanging here and there; it will create a bad impression among the visitors. Therefore, always plan in advance how you are going to manage the booth design to keep your area decluttered.



When it comes to trade show planning, it’s important to have multiple standees, posters, or banners that are visible from all angles. It will help capture the attention of the target audience.

Choose the right employees


As already mentioned, trade shows can be expensive. Therefore it’s crucial to select the right talent within your organization to work at your booth. Some of the qualities to look for include friendliness, good presentation skills, and helpfulness.

Register as early as possible


It’s crucial to register as early as possible for the trade shows because it will help you start planning and strategizing. Registering early will give you enough window to train your staff for trade show presentations, etiquette, coordination, etc.

Cables and power setup


Always take time to assess your power requirements and make arrangements for that in advance. It will save you from a huge hassle at the moment.

Promotional opportunities


Most attendees like to prepare an agenda for who they want to meet during the event. That’s why it’s important to ensure your brand makes space into their list. Browse through the list of attendees and interact with them to book meetings in advance.

Confirm your travel arrangements


If the event you are attending is in another city or country, ensure that you arrange your travel and accommodation in advance to avoid any issues at a later stage. Also, double-check your travel tickets in advance to fix any mistakes, if any!

Choose the right trade show vendors


Trade shows require you to work with various vendors, and it becomes important to book the best vendors that have experience working with similar businesses and trade shows. For example, if you want an exclusive booth design for INTERSEC DUBAIor any other major trade show, make sure your vendor has prior experience with it.

Pre-Show Marketing Activities


Marketing your booth 3-4 months prior will help you gain an added advantage in terms of sales. Start inviting your target audience to visit your stall, and create irresistible offers or incentives for showing up at your event.

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