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Exhibition stands lighting - A complete guide

Exhibition stands lighting – A complete guide

Lighting is now more important than ever before for trade shows and exhibitions— as it may elevate the experience of visitors. Exhibitors used to depend on the light provided by the exhibition hall without any consideration given towards extra lighting on their exhibition stand design. However, the scenario has entirely flipped; a luminous effect is now achieved when lights are added to an exhibition stand, making it visually appealing and noticeable among others. The people passing by must be attracted, as lights have become one of the most prominent features showcased at such events.

The majority of exhibition stand contractors utilize lighting to showcase specific products; however, this practice has evolved to encompass a broader scope. Presently, exhibition stand designers view lighting as a crucial design element that complements the overall stand aesthetics.

In this article, we will provide you with a complete guide on lighting of exhibition stands.


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Trade show lighting: A guide for exhibitors

Always ask your stand designer

  • During the meeting with your exhibition stand contractor, it is imperative to inquire about your objectives and aspirations for lighting your exhibition stand design.
  • This will allow the exhibition stand designers to integrate all design components, including lighting, to ensure that the final exhibition stand design aligns with your business and marketing objectives for the exhibition.

Add elegance to your stand

  • Enhance the elegance of your displays by incorporating lighting options into your booth design.
  • It is essential to inquire whether your chosen booth design company offers lighting solutions for stands and booths.
  • Lighting is a crucial design element that can often be overlooked by exhibition booth designers focused on messaging and colors.
  • However, the addition of extra lights can transform a dull stand into one that captivates passersby.
  • With a variety of lighting options available, you can customize your exhibition stall design in Vietnam to attract attention and stand out from the competition.

Different types of lighting are available


  • Spotlights for exhibition stands are compact and sleek, making them ideal for showcasing products and banners discreetly.
  • Despite their small size, these spotlights are powerful and designed to illuminate specific areas of your stand with subtlety.
  • They provide an efficient and effective way to highlight key features without obstructing important information.

Banner lights

  • Banner lights, typically positioned behind exhibition stand graphics or banners, are utilized to provide an appealing inner glow.
  • LED bulbs are commonly used in banner lights due to their small and compact size, which allows for easy concealment.
  • This lighting option is ideal for enhancing brand promotion efforts at trade shows or events.
  • By illuminating high-branding banners, banner lights can significantly increase visibility and attract attention from afar.
  • Even lower-level branding elements such as reception counters and wall graphics can benefit from the use of banner lighting, as it helps differentiate your brand from nearby competitors.

Display lights

  • Exhibition stand design can be effectively illuminated using display lights or hand lights, which are both cost-effective and energy-efficient due to their use of LED bulbs.
  • While hand lights may not provide the same intensity as spotlights, they offer a wide span of illumination and are available in various colors, making them ideal for creating a desired ambiance.

LED strip lights

  • LED strip lights are available in various lengths, featuring a flexible circuit board consisting of LEDs with an adhesive backing.
  • These strips boast a sleek design that allows for versatile placement, serving as a highly adaptable lighting solution.
  • They provide excellent brightness and customization options and can be easily managed using wireless dimming systems, DMX controllers, and wall switches.


  • The utilization of backlighting has long been a familiar practice in our industry, commonly employed for signage, billboards, and outdoor promotions.
  • However, its significance has grown within the realm of exhibitions. Backlights not only offer superior quality but also align with the financial constraints of exhibitors.
  • The impact of backlighting at exhibitions is profound, seamlessly complementing the ambient lighting of the exhibition hall.
  • Furthermore, it mitigates unwanted shadows by strategically eliminating harsh contrasts and creating a visually appealing environment

Rope lighting

  • The rope light, with its subtle yet crucial presence, is a fundamental element of lighting in business settings.
  • Encased in protective plastic tubes, small LED bulbs adorn rope lighting, available in various lengths and colors to suit different aesthetic needs.
  • Its ability to remain discreet while providing safe and fire hazard-free illumination makes it a versatile choice for enhancing the ambiance of any space.
  • The radiant glow emitted by rope lights is highly effective in setting a captivating backdrop for business environments.


Lighting is a fundamental element of success in exhibitions, influencing the overall attendee experience and increasing brand visibility.

Keep in mind that it is important to thoroughly examine the lighting arrangements for your exhibition stand with the same level of attention as the size, layout, and color. The appropriate lighting solution can greatly influence the success of your exhibition stall design in Vietnam.

So readers, Are you prepared to illuminate your exhibition stand?

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