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A complete guide to trade show booth types

A complete guide to trade show booth types

If you have ever visited a trade show or an expo, you might have noticed that creating  a custom stall design in UAE requires quite a lot of time & efforts. Well, stand designers do not necessarily have to come up with entirely new designs every time they create a stand. They can use common templates as a starting point to develop their unique stand design ideas. These templates are known as stand types and they are the same across exhibition shows worldwide, even though the terminology used may vary.

In this blog, we have listed some common types of trade show booths. If you do not need a custom stand for your next exhibition, you can choose one of the following types.

Factors influence the effectiveness of your chosen booth design

As an exhibitor, you need to familiarize yourself with different types of stands for the following reasons:

  • Your budget will determine the types of stands that are within your financial reach.
  • The next factor you can consider is the frequency of your participation in shows.
  • Location of the event.
  • The amount of available floor space.

These factors will ultimately determine the effectiveness of your exhibition stand design, which in turn will decide the most suitable stand type for your show presence.

Different types of trade show stands

Shell scheme stand

  • These stand types are an affordable and convenient option for businesses on a budget.
  • Shell scheme stands are typically provided by trade show organizers, featuring a basic row stand design without the ability for customization.
  • Organizers supply wall panels, carpeting, and a fascia with the company’s name displayed prominently.
  • These stands are rented in 3×3 meter shell spaces, with the option to rent multiple spaces for a larger 6×3 area.

Bare space stand

  • The term “bare space” or “raw space” refers to a rented empty floor space for constructing an exhibition stand.
  • This type of space offers extensive flexibility for creating customized exhibition stands, whether rental or custom-made.
  • To successfully execute your stand design ideas, it is advisable to engage the services of an international exhibition stall designer in UAE for planning and construction.
  • Raw spaces present an ideal opportunity and act as a white canvas for exploring and experimenting with various stand design concepts.

Corner stand

  • Corner stands are typically located at the end of a row of stands in a trade show.
  • They offer exhibitors several advantages, including the benefit of having two entry points and being positioned at a high-traffic intersection.
  • Corner stands also provide exposure to your brand on two sides, which can be a great advantage for showcasing your products or services.
  • Many exhibitors take advantage of this feature by incorporating an L-shaped banner and multiple display counters to maximize visibility and attract more visitors to their booth.

Two corner stand

  • Two corner stands are similar to regular corner stands, but they are open from all sides except for one wall that connects them.
  • These types of stands provide all the benefits of corner stands, but with more creative options to make your stand design stand out.
  • You can hang a large banner or use a U-shaped banner to improve your visibility.

Island stand

  • Island stands are the most costly option, however, they compensate for this by being the most visually appealing compared to all other stands.
  • With no walls and openings on all four sides, island stands provide a huge space for various sections such as a lounge and meeting area.
  • The primary advantage of an island stand is its capacity for engagement, allowing your team to interact with multiple guests simultaneously.
  • Additionally, you can enhance visibility by incorporating a ceiling banner or vertical billboard.
  • To enhance engagement, we recommend incorporating design elements such as photo booths and tablet stand displays for guests to utilize at their convenience.

Row stand

  • Row stands play a crucial role in making your brand stand out in exhibitions.
  • These booths are perfect for maximizing your display area while keeping it professional and efficient.
  • Row booths are characterized by their linear arrangement and shared back walls that face the main aisle, making it easier for attendees to interact with you.
  • With the freedom to custom stall design in UAE and wall designs, you can create a unique and personalized space that will attract customers to your brand.

Which trade show booth is right for you?

No matter which booth you select, it is advisable to carefully consider the following three suggestions to optimize your exhibiting experience:

Distinguish yourself

Ensure that your booth stands out through innovative design, lighting, and AV. Employ digital signage

Use the potential of digital signage to captivate attention and effectively convey your brand’s message.

Strategically plan for traffic flow

Establish separate zones within your booth for effortless navigation and an engaging experience.

How usability will affect your choice of the booth?

  • If you participate in multiple exhibitions throughout the year, it is advisable to invest in purchasing an exhibition stand for practicality. This allows you to use it repeatedly until it depreciates.
  • On the other hand, if you are rebranding, opting for exhibition stand rentals provides more flexibility in design until your brand’s visual identity is finalized.
  • For engaging with a larger number of attendees, an island booth is an ideal choice, particularly if your booth is located in a central corridor of the trade show floor.
  • However, if your booth space is near entrances and exits, a row or corner booth would be more suitable as traffic flow is mostly linear.

We hope this guide has increased your understanding of stand types, enabling you to make informed decisions when selecting your exhibition stand in the future. For more information, you can contact an international exhibition stall designer in UAE.


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